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Student Teaching

In order to student teach, you must complete both of the following:

  1. Go to your Advisor and get registered for the Student Teaching course.
  2. Go to the Office of Clinical Education’s Student Teaching Information Meeting and then complete their application process by submitting all the forms listed on this page.

Student Teaching Pre-requisites:

    Note: A failure to complete these will result in a loss of your student teaching placement!

  • Students must have all major coursework completed prior to Student Teaching (with the exception of Literacy dual major students).
  • Students must submit their 100/150 hours fieldwork timesheets along with summary sheet to the Department of Curriculum & Instruction in Library Room 320.
  • Students must possess a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at Graduate level or 2.75 at the Undergraduate level.
  • Students must have completed the fingerprinting process and received an approval clearance.

Waivers of Student Teaching

Note:  The New York State Department of Education is no longer allowing waivers of Student Teaching for Childhood teacher certification, and may phase out all other waivers.


Please follow these instructions for completing the Office of Clinical Education’s student teaching application process:

The following must all be completed and turned in to the Office of Clinical Education in Library Room 308, one week after the Student Teaching meeting. Failure to do so will result in your application not being processed.


    Four(4) Labels

    Two(2) completed Personal Data Sheets

    Two(2) copies of a signed, EssayWhy I Chose Teaching as a Profession

    Two(2) copies of your Resume

    Three(3) Evaluative Statements- Due Dec 1

    Student Teaching Eligibilty Sheet- Due Dec 1

    Transcripts- these can be unofficial

    Medical Evaluation Sheet.-Due Dec 1


    Withdrawal from or Postponement of Student Teaching after having Registered:

     If you are unable to student teach after submitting these forms to the Office of Clinical Education, a written request for Withdrawal/Postponement with your signature on it must be received by Dr. Hogan.